Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Calico Pie

Acrylic on Masonite
11" x 15"

A long, long time ago, when I lived in Philadelphia, I wanted to adopt a kitty. I decided to go about the adoption in a sort of "chance operation" mode - so I looked through the must find home ads in the classifieds. The color or breed of cat made no difference to me as I believed there were no bad cats.

The first person I called was a charming young lady with a strong Hispanic accent. She had found a young female tabby and brought her into her home only to find that her two fully grown cats hated the newcomer to the point of physical battles. After a few weeks and no improvement, she put the newcomer up for adoption.

When I went to her house to pick up the kitty, she told me that she loved cats above all other animals and felt that they were so sweet that they should all be given the last name of "Pie". Samantha Pie, Tabby Pie, Fluffy Pie... etc. When I told her this would be my only cat - or first cat in Philadelphia, she said I should call her Una Pie, or number one pie... And I did...

Una Pie lived to be a fine fat old tabby cat, and all of my cats from then on have been sweet as pie.

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jgrow2 said...

The only calico I ever knew was one who belonged to an old girlfriend of mine. She was neurotic, possessive, narcissistic. So was the cat.

This is a beautiful piece. Una Pie was a pretty cat.