Sunday, January 25, 2009

January paintings...

I apologize or the blur of this photo - and the color's not quite right either... So I'll re-shoot it this week. Sometimes my digital camera just won't focus properly when the zoom is in use - or when attempting close ups. I hope to invest in a better one someday.

This little painting was done for a theme show entitled "Daisies Don't Tell" at a local gallery. It was a hoot coming up with something that wasn't too literal... while still experimenting with color.

I have committed to showing at this same gallery along with an artist friend beginning in March. We'll each need about ten new paintings for the space allotted, and I want to display mostly larger paintings (at least 24" x 24"). I've made up several deep cradle panels this size and shape as I find I am most often drawn to square paintings of other artists. I can't say why - just that I find it a pleasing shape - especially for unframed works which I also prefer. Perhaps one day, if finances allow me to purchase elaborate frames or have an expert make them, I'll change my mind. :-)