Thursday, August 13, 2009

The hurrier I go, the behinder I get... and a new show...

The Solitary Life... 24 x 24 acrylic on deep cradle panel

It's been a couple weeks of racing (driving) about - doing little paid jobs here and there and trying to get in my demo hours at the gallery while still being creative and productive. I always err on the side of "creative" - in that if I'm on a painting roll, I hate to take time out to faux a wall or paint a commission. Thus I fall behind even though I am constantly working. Ah, choices, choices... But the time always comes that ca$h is needed - and then I buckle down and do what I must rather than what I want.

I did manage to finish a painting and I decided to take a color departure. I've had these tangerine and terra cotta hues following me around lately. I felt the need to see/have more of them around me, thus the evening sky. It's not a literal sunset - more of a timeless dusk. What I really wanted was to paint a room one of these warm colors, but no time for that right now.

The color is a bit more accurate here - showing the panel edges too. Had to finish this one quickly and send it off for a show themed: "Secrets". The secret here? See how the branches of this lonesome pine reach out and up? It's not lonesome at all - just solitary. I firmly believe that solitude is under-rated. Some thrive on independence. Some require room to grow and space to expand - or just to call their own. No - I'm not advocating isolation, just balance. And the measure of what creates balance differs for each and every living thing.
A detail - to show that the tree is not solidly black.

I was invited to display a group of paintings at the Mountain Valley Community Bank branch in Cleveland, GA. The program is administered by the Sautee-Nacoochee Community Assoc. Gallery and features a different artist every two months.
The cool part is seeing all the work displayed together. At most gallery shows, only one or two are hung, and rarely in close proximity. None of my walls at home can accommodate more than a couple, so this provides a unique perspective for me.
Sure could use a sale this month, so I'll think positive. After all, it's a new audience for my work!!

And just for fun, here's my Night Blooming Cerius - the day after. It bloomed the night of the full moon and I missed it! This is the one given to me while I was doing the census canvassing. I figured it would be years before it flowered, so I wasn't even aware it had developed two buds. Apparently I was lucky in my choice of location (mottled shade under the pear tree) and it happily obliged by blooming! I went out to water plants and there they were; still pretty - even closed up.


Roy said...

Great! A show! Fingers crossed that it sells out.

Kathi said...

Beautiful to see your paintings in a gallery!
Hope you sell some! I love this "solitary life!" Thanks for showing the close up of the lonesome pine. Gorgeous work Patrice!

Anonymous said...

Oh it looks so good all together like that!

I want you to know that my friend MedicatedLady and I often mention your name in conversation. I visited Chicago and took a photograph of boats at Lake Michigan and sent it to ML. Her response was, "It looks like a painting. I'd bet Patrice could paint that!"

Anonymous said...

It's inspiring to see the depth of your talent displayed like that.
I remember my grandmother waking us up to go see the night blooming cereus. It was amazing!
Lunch this week?

Jeane said...

good morning Patrice - hmmm, I didn't realize you had more then one blog and now I find all this stuff going on here, so will have to make a change on my blog roll - did love the snake in down the rabbit hole - congrats on your current show - wonderful! :)

Helena said...

What an amazing flower- opening up at night? THat's magical :)

I love the painting. I love the way you captured the light with those colours. More magic!

And congrats on your new exhibit space! BEst of luck with that!

Stu said...

I love 'The Solitary Life'. Congrats on the gallery show. Must be a great feeling to see your work exhibited. :)