Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Clouds - and Appreciation...

I sent a few images to The Cloud Appreciation Society yesterday. Imagine my surprise when I received an email this morning that they were already posted!

They do such a wonderful job there of featuring artists' works that are based upon - or related to - clouds and cloud formations. They also post the most amazing photographs of
weather as well as the most up to date information about the weather on our blue planet . Weather isn't the least bit droll or boring when one is talking to someone wise in the ways of meteorology.

Due to my fascination with storms, cloud formations, tornadoes and atmosphere, this has been a favorite - and inspiring -site for me to visit. Take a look!

And a work in progress...

The Poplar Line... 24x 24 . acrylic on deep cradle panel

This is the painting Elvis was so critical of in a recent post. After much agonizing and looking and looking and looking, I decided to finish it - and go right on to repaint the image on another panel. A sort of before and after critique, if you will - and if there is such a thing as a series about "meta-painting" (painting about painting), I guess that's what I'm doing. I need to do this again, less "real" and more true. I like the asymmetry of the trees and the hint of the winds that have shaped them, and I want to emphasize this in the next version.

As for Elvis... He passed out on the printer from exhaustion after all his efforts to have me paint this one out failed. I mean really; he hasn't any credentials, he's all about instinct - and his are quite primitive.

I think he's trying to send me another message - when he grows tired of my surfing, typing and emailing - and of his attempts to edit same, perhaps it's time to retire !


Roy said...

Congratulations on the Cloud Appreciation Society posting! I see you sent them the "bleeding field" painting.

RT said...

Yes, congratulations. The Cloud Society has such a great site. Seems you`re able to paint more recently. Good, only working helps my perspective, fits me in my place. Maybe you too.

Margaret Ryall said...

Imagine a Cloud Society! Thanks for introducing me to this site.

Paula Cravens said...

Patrice,thanks for the link to the cloud society. Your paintings are looking very cool there! I have decided that the reason I struggle with painting mountains is because I am a prairie girl at heart. I have figured out that I can paint the mountains if I put their tops in the lower third of the picture and concentrate on the sky above.

DJ said...

Apparently, you too, have an art director that offers unsolicited opinions...then flakes out on the equipment when the going gets tough. My sympathy...but give Elvis a hug for me, anyway.
Congrats on the Cloud Society posting!