Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Multiple motif dresser for a client

I used to do a lot of painted furniture - and I still do quite a bit - but I don't often get called to do something this elaborate and colorful.  This style was very popular during the 1990's, but it is relatively expensive due to the length of time involved in constant taping and/or touch up as one color is laid next to or over another.

The client found a pair of these small dresser/side tables made in 1970 and all solid wood, painted white by someone.  The piece was only $159.00!  I had great fun doing this and the client loves it.
I still have to put the top coat on and this little piece is so heavy I'm keeping on the dolly til done. 
Below are a couple of multiple motif style pieces by some well known designers
A Tracy Porter set.

A piece by Mackenzie-Childs


Roy said...

Nice! And it looks like you're in good company.

cheryl said...

That chair is just too!!!!! funky, I'd buy it in a second!