Friday, September 05, 2014

New Altar: From Every Dream - And it's SOLD!

Finished another.  I really love making these and I've only two more pre-constructed - er- constructions.  Can't wait to work up some new ones in different sizes and configurations.  I made twenty of these 28 x 23 x 2 - and all but those last two have been sold.

I continue to love grape tendrils as additions.  They are each so unique, spiraling and reaching out.  They can be bouquets, branches, decorations, twigs, and even tiny trees.  They are tough and paintable, and can be woven into quite strong and resilient forms.  I've even made jewelry from them... (now there's a post I should do).
Acrylic painting and mixed media including pine, cedar branches, grape tendrils, feathers, wire, found objects.
And being a person who loves poetry and recombinant verbiage (my term), I have made the piece fun to read out loud.  Listen, glean, glisten, gleam... Ideas come from every dream.
The painting in detail.  Acrylic on wood panel.

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