Thursday, January 15, 2015

Social Media: That Love/Hate Thing

When I opened up my blog this evening, I was shocked to see my last post had been in October of last year. My surprise stems partly from the fact that I'm often thinking about blogging - but apparently not actually blogging!  I enjoy the outlet and the effort of trying to post worthwhile or interesting bits, sharing my art and getting to know other bloggers and followers.  I'm embarrassed.  And thus, I hereby vow to post at least weekly unless I am at death's door or .... (can't think of another excuse).

One reason I've not been around is (yuck) Facebook.  That's where the love/hate thing is coming from.  Last year I met and spoke with Bradley Tyler Wilson, (his small and wackily charming bird paintings are below) at an area art exhibit and sale.  He asked me if I did FB and I made a face and said no.  In less than 5 minutes he convinced me I should do it - and use it strictly as a professional tool.  It's taken me weeks and weeks to figure out how to have a personal profile AND a page.  I just couldn't get the hang of it.  Not sure I have even now, but it's done.  I still think it's confusing and unless I get, say, a gazillion "likes", I still have to post everything in both places or it's just sitting there.  The only real advantage I see at this point is quick access to lots of my work for FB people.
Bradley Tyler Wilson's birds (now mine)The small one is 4 x 4,  6 x 6.  They make me smile.
I have to admit to being distracted by finding old friends, lost friends, acquaintances and family members there, as well as seeking out artist groups (a recent discovery).

So I get my photographs posted to albums on my personal profile (Patrice Young) and then I set up my page (Patrice Lynne Young as that is my on-art signature) and re-post all the photographs.  Then I find I cannot change the name on the personal profile to match the page.  More confusion.

To top that off, another of my online artist friends posted that FB would soon stop letting those of us who do not pay to advertise link back to FB.  So what good is it to me if that is the case?  If anyone reading this knows more about this, please give me a shout.  Oh - nearly forgot.  My FB page is here patricelynneyoung.

I aspire to have as many likes as my heroine Holly Friesen, who at this blogging has over 1500!  But mostly, I hope to better understand marketing online.

And because all blog posts are better with cats:  Here's Sugarbuns - adopted last year after spending her entire first 7 months in a shelter.  She's all cinnamon and sugar...


Holly Friesen Art said...

Hey Patrice, I know how you feel..all this social networking can be mind boggling. Especially since it seems to be reinventing itself as we go along. I have to admit after four years of building my presence everywhere online it has started to pay off for me. I have a loyal following who are actually starting to purchase paintings regularly form me when they are posted on FB. This wouldn't be the case tho without making the relationships real and still carrying on with real time exhibitions. This is a HUGE topic and far too much to say in one small comment. However I think you have a general knack for it as you seem very friendly and interact with others which is the key to social networking! Great post and keep up the great work! See you out there!

Patrice said...

If only I were 20 - no, let's make that 30 - years younger!