Thursday, March 11, 2010

A landscape - and images from my dark side

Run for Cover, 12x18, acrylic on panel
Shortly before displaying this one, I asked an artist working in the gallery to give me a title. She asks "What sort of titles do you like?" to which I replied: "I like ambiguous - almost arbitrary titles." Run for Cover was her first offering and I like it. This is another landscape from my Midwestern photography collection. I love that flat horizon and the strength of the trees against (for me) a flat sky. The values are true to the original photo, but I took liberties with the palette.
Here it is in a cut down recycled frame that I bought for $1.50. Sometimes you get what you pay for... ha ha.. I may do a larger version on one of my deep cradle panels as I'm not wild about it framed, but as it was done on a flat panel - and, well you get the idea.

...from my new alter egos series... #008, 5 x 6 acrylic on panel, donated to Currahee Artists Guild Miniatures Fundraiser

Also from the alter egos series: Ode to Georg Baselitz, 9 x 12 acrylic on mounted wood panel

I've always loved the quirky work of Modernist Georg Baselitz (below) who often turned his subjects ass over tin cups (upside-down) - well - he turned the paintings upside-down that is. His influences range from classical art to art brut, and he has often depicted angst ridden characters and ghastly scenes - but my favorites are the primitive carved wooden busts and inverted heads.

I love the pattern here - and how it seems to overwhelm the face, like an attack of polka dots... It's titled: "In the Forest" and it was painted in 1992.
Here's one of his carved heads: "Sonderling" done in 1993. Such pathos.
And one more... titled "Cubistic Gas Mask"


willow said...

Run for Cover is absolutely perfect! I have a kind of spiritual connection with trees, so I love-love this piece.

Baselitz's Carved Head is amazing.

Roy said...

I dunno, I think I like that frame; it adds an appropriate touch of the rustic to the midwestern landscape.

I only knew Baselitz by name, not by work. Thanks for the little feature on him; I'll have to go look him up.

Caio Fernandes said...

hi Patrice .
i found your blog because of Jeane's post .

wonderful to have met this !!
you have goos works and a good taste for art too .
it is nice to meet you .
Caio .

Sheila said...

Oh Patrice.... I love #7 and #8. Perhaps because they have evolved from the first 6, they are more complex and thought provoking and a deeper glimpse into your soul. I think this is a very evolved view of your thoughts and believe you should continue when the feelings strikes you. Love them!

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

hmmm, Run for Cover reminds me of a thunderstorm somehow, but the sky is blue

Patrice said...

Hi Sheila - Late night madness needs its outlets... And yes, some are deceptively simple - others more complex... like all subconscious journeys. Thanks!

Teri - Geez how I love that thumbnail photo... and you are so right. The title belies the image - I like it because it makes one wonder... Cover? Run across that field? Run for shade? What's about to happen?

SKIZO said...


andrew said...

excelent example of canvas artwork great work