Friday, March 12, 2010

More from the "darkside"

I've been having such fun lately, painting a series of small faces from dark places. These are late night creations conjured up from the subconscious or perhaps from faded memories. I often realize after finishing one, that it's reminiscent of dream images - or someone from my past. I don't take them too seriously. I just let them happen. And to Jeanne at Artit, the winter of our/their discontent shall now roll into the spring of our content. Did that make sense to anyone besides me?

(each is less than 8 inches square)

Most of my artist friends hate them! I've carted them to a few places, and then finally displayed them as alter egos at a recent "meet the artist" event for a local arts guild. Surprise!!! I sold two of them and the man who bought them said he is displaying them next to a large landscape of mine he purchased last year. Weird juxtaposition - but hey - why not?

I'm not titling them, instead I will number them ala Jonathan Borofsky, another of my favorite artists. I still remember what a profound experience it was to enter his one man show - an installation at MOMA in NYC back in the late 70's. Definitely an experience rather than a viewing.

If you're wondering where the missing numbers are, they were either sold or given away before I thought to photograph them (my bad). I can't believe I did that...
(yeah - this one is truly scary)

(This one grew a frame...)

Here's the official website for Borofsky, with tons of photos of his various installations. But no photograph can possibly do justice to his art which is multi-media: drawings and sculpture, projected images, kinetic pieces, sound and changing imagery. He truly creates an entire environment - a universe of Borofsky.

Here's a short video that offers just a taste - a tip of the iceberg so to speak - of one of his major installations:


Caio Fernandes said...

they're raw and very strong ... maybe even naive .....
i liked that .

Roy said...

Interesting! There's a bit of Klee and a bit of de Kooning in these. I'm so used to your landscapes and animal portraits that this comes as a surprise. A pleasant surprise, though!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I am blown away by your reference to Borofsky! I had the pleasure of walking into his mind bending show in Berkeley CA way back...thanks for this "Chattering Man" reminder!
Your 'darkside' faces are all things at once...dark, primitive, strong and true.

Jeane said...

Patrice! wow! I love these - so glad you posted them - I adore #8 - it's perfect :)

DJ said...

I think you're on to something, kid...I won't say much, because don't want you to be influenced by any comments. Please...continue on your journey.
Hugs from SC~

Paula Cravens said...

These are intersting and inspiring little images. I am going to have to try some of these. Patrice, I have to stop visiting your cool sites...I start looking and then an hour has swept by!!

Patrice said...

Caio - Naive - yes... thank you.

Roy - Klee and de Kooning are two of my favorite painters. My influences - subconscious or not - are showing...

Blue Sky - The Borofsky installation I experienced was "Hammering Man". I loved it so much I bought the huge book that the museum was selling and I've treasured it all these years.

Jeanne - #8 is one my favs too - kind of a ghostly home sewn cotton doll vibe.

Dj - According to my artist friends I'm not on to something - but off of my rocker, or ON something... ha ha... thanks for your support!

Paula - Same thing happens to me when I visit you. You've always so much going on! How's that new work space coming?

DJ said...

Patrice, I wanted to see your night paintings again.
I'm drawn to #4 and wanted to figure out why. After looking a bit, I'm even more intrigued because you mentioned that it was "truly scary". I find it's more developed than the others in terms of textures, strong color applications, and costume...Might be something to explore further...?
(:-)I know. I can't help it...)

Poetic Artist said...

I think they are wonderful where ever they come dreams or iminagation. They are just fun. Glad I found your blog.

Bryan Borland said...

How fun!!! I'd like to see you do cats in this playful style!
And oh - hook a brotha up with your addy and I'll hook a sista up with book! :)

tipota said...

these are great! explorations in paint. have brush, will travel, and i just love the painterlyness of them all. you sprouted these seeds of humanity here with wit, energy and humor. they ring true, it's like one knows them, who they are, but sees their
hidden persona,and it makes for a wonderful wondering and sets off the imagination.

~Babs said...

These are so much fun!
Child like and sophisticated all at the same time.
Following your link to Borofsky now,,,thank you!