Monday, June 11, 2012

One Track Mind

Multi-tasking may be a popular concept, but it doesn't work for everyone (like me).  In fact, I don't really believe in it.  I think that what really happens is that our brains switch tasks so rapidly from one task to the next that it only appears we are doing more than one thing at a time.  And if the brain fails to switch in time, one or more tasks suffer.

Last week I finished two paintings for an upcoming show barely on time.  That same day I got a call saying one of my painted furniture pieces had sold in an adjacent shop, but that a bit of touch up was needed before it was delivered.  I wasn't surprised - as the little red desk had been there for over a year!  That's how slow sales are. So I loaded up my paintings, a variety of reds, glaze, topcoat, brushes, etc., and headed out for the forty mile drive.  I dropped off the paintings, hurried to get to the shop before five, did the touch-up, picked up some Chinese food and headed home.

After dinner I was happy to have some new work for my blog - until I realized I'd forgotten to photograph the new paintings!  And so forgive me for posting three of my personal favorites - paintings I've never been able to part with.  Note that Black Bird was painted before my divorce - and subsequent name reclaim. 
Grumpy Chick, 6" x 9" 2008
Black Bird/White Wind, 2005. 36" x46"    
The Watch, 2008 14" x 18"


julie cavender said...

Hey Patrice, it's nice to know you are painting and selling. I always enjoy seeing your work, whether old or new!

Shayla said...

your birds are fantastic

Patrice said...

Hi Julie - painting more -selling not so much, but the furniture redo biz keeps me going!

Thank you Shayla, for liking my feathered friends...