Sunday, June 17, 2012

I haven't made that, but...

I've been hoping to get up to Sautee to photo the new paintings, but my work schedule - and that of the shop haven't permitted it.  Been really busy, refinishing kitchen cabinets with my bud Carol, doing a chair makeover (Carol sewed up the silk-screen fabric cushion covers - look at that piping!), and finishing the rejuvenation of a side table for a client.

So I wasn't going to blog tonite, but some things just won't wait.  For instance, Elvis wanted everyone to see his new nose scratch.

Elvis' ouchy
And Spooky has been pestering me to show off his rare and unusual coat.  Spooky is a "sable" according to my vet, but I've never seen any cat with fur like his.  In rabbits, the term agouti means varying colors on an individual hair shaft.  Spooky's fur looks black, but when the fur parts, he appears to have a cream colored undercoat.  His lovely coat won't be passed on, however, for Spooky boy traded his very large cahones for a forever home with endless head rubs and scratches (from me, not Elvis) 
Spooky showed up last fall looking too pretty to be a boy - and having a really fat (I thought pregnant) belly.  But when I finally got a close look (and smell) he was all boy, just fat from eating all the dry food I leave out at night. He went from total panic, to lying here on the computer desk, waiting for a pet or more food. 
He says "teh."
And no post would be complete without Gracie.  Here she is lounging on laundry left draped over the cat tree.  She just loves a clean t-shirt.
"I cans cross me legs..."
Oh - and by the way.  It's a pretty safe bet that Elvis' nose ouchy is courtesy of Spooky.  But don't feel sorry for him; he always starts it.

Nest time: new art.


Birdie said...

That is a nasty scratch. Last year my cat had a small puncture wound that turned ghastly. I used this stuff. It works really well.

DJ said...

Hey Girl! Hmmmmmm...kitty-pics? or new art? That's a tough one...I love both. Gracie's my kinda gal: I love a clean t-shirt too.
Take care of all.
Love & Laughter,

Patrice said...

Hi Birdie - and would you believe Elvis' scratch is just a teeny red mark already?

And DJ - Hey girl! I gotta get over to your place!

Helena said...

Awww Elvis does look very sorry for himself doesn't he!