Friday, January 04, 2013

Watch Birds; Watchbirds

 There used to be a little balloon in certain magazines when I was growing up.  It simply stated: "I'm a little watchbird watching you."  At least that is how I remember it.  I thought it was a sort of private joke. Today, thinking how birds do sit and watch - each other; for predators, for food, for "a signal" that it is time to fly, I remembered that little illustration.  As I watch them back, and paint their images, perhaps I seek to learn the signal too. 
A Gathering In Winter;   acrylic on canvas, 12 x 12   

Wow - The images are wonderful. Now I've found that these were created in the 1940's by Munro Leaf - and were often illustrated to impart morals and proper behavior.

Munro also wrote many children's books, and even collaborated with Dr. Seuss.  He was rather controversial during the war years and is most famous for his book Ferdinand..
Perhaps all those watchbirds crept into my subconscious.  I especially love the one who sits on the tree branch.


Roy said...

I never heard of the Watchbirds, but I certainly know Ferdinand the Bull! Very interesting.

Patrice said...

Thank you for posting the Ferdinand link! I was too sleepy last night to think of it. Yay Ferdinand... just a big hippie bull..

maekitso said...

I will keep my eyes out for Mr Leaf. My Grandma always knew about my mischievous deeds. She said a little birdie told her. Your painting is wonderful!