Monday, December 31, 2012


This past year has been transitional for me.  Not to say that all years, times, lives, - aren't filled with transition - but often these changes are not so obvious.  Having recovered as much as possible (reaching something called PPD in medical/insurance terminology) I have had to make mental and physical adjustments to what "normal" is for me.

I've always been highly energetic, willing to go to great lengths to achieve goals, working the equivalent of two full time professions in order to have what I wanted and to be what I wanted.  After my injury I found I no longer had the stamina or even the ability to work 14 to 16 hours a day, especially if on my feet.  I was depressed by my body's failure to live up to my wish to be restored to my pre-injury self - and I was dismayed  at trying to cope with the financial strain of being on Workman's Compensation.  (For those who don't know, workman's comp pays 2/3 of whatever salary one received prior to the injury, even if the job was only part time.  One is not allowed to earn other income of any sort without losing the w. comp. claim.)  I'll skip the rest of that nightmare.

The Wind, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 28.  

Who has seen the wind?  Neither you nor I, but when the trees bow down their heads the wind is passing by...
I returned to part time work and began painting again this past summer, and though my knee will never be the same, I am coping well. I heartily enjoyed the holidays for the first time in years and I am back to my old optimistic self.  I have the Democrats of the late 1930' s and early 1940's and FDR to thank. I received my first social security check in November, and though it's not all that much, it bridges the gap between barely making it and having just a bit of discretionary income.  The future's so bright I think I'll wear shades... of red, turquoise, blue, tangerine, chartreuse - every color on earth!

Redwing Sentry - Acrylic on Canvas, 12 x 12.

- Thank you, Roy.  You're the best.

p.s.  HAPPY NEW YEAR - may 2013 be your best year ever...


Roy said...

Happy New Year, Patrice! It's always good to hear from you again.

julie cavender said...

Patrice! I had no idea all that was going on! I'm so sorry. I know from personal experience about dealing with insurance companies. Been there and done that.

Happy New Year and new life! It is good to hear from you!

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

Happy New year,Patrice. May the New year bring you much better experiences.

Patrice said...

Thanks guys, - and Roy - love the photo...

I'm so happy in this New Year!!

jelltex said...

Hi Patrice.

I was looking though some of my old blog posts and found a comment from you. Sorry if it appeared I ignored you at the time, that was never my intention.

I hope you are well, and that you had a great Christmas. I am loving your work, btw, stunning art.

Happy New Year,