Friday, May 02, 2014

Good Clients Make the Process A Pleasure

I've been working for several months now with the same client as she moved into and furnished/decorated her new home.  Cynthia hired me as an artistic consultant based upon our working together several years back on projects for her former home.  We had a good working relationship that has turned into friendship. I am honored that she trusts me to advise on - and then to execute many paint, finish and art projects for her.

I would never call myself a decorator.  What I do is ask questions, offer courageous color options, and often just explain why something will or won't work in a given space.  My philosophy of one's living space is that it should make you smile every time you enter.  Serenity and comfort are important - but just feeling good in the space is paramount. I don't follow any rules, nor do I advise decorating for "resale" value.  It's all about making it personal and meaningful, and understanding how our perception of our environment works physiologically gives courage to decision making.
60" round table with three leaves.  Ordered unfinished and painted with a soft white glaze that lets the wood grain show.  To give the table smaller scale and interest, a black ring with filigree was added.  The pedestal legs are aged slightly to show off the curves.  All the chairs are mismatched natural wood.  In the background you can see the refinished kitchen cabinets and part of the faux/decorative hallway.  More on these next time.
Detail of painted circle.
Granite countertop was added to the island, replacing tiles.  The soft dark gray is brushed with black tones and some of the wood left showing through for a casual rustic look. 

This sofa or side table was refinished to work with other furniture in the room - apologies for this photo.  Definitely not not properly set up for a photoshoot!
And because no posting is complete without one of the kitties - here is a pic of Mr.Cheddars at four weeks of age.  Cuteness overload.  I started fostering him at 3 days old and now I can't give him up!


Roy said...

Wow! Great work! I especially love the table.

julie cavender said...

Awesome job!!