Sunday, August 10, 2014

Still painting!

A couple of photographs of Where Horses Go, acrylic on mahogany headboard.  48 x 24.  I posted both of these as the color is more accurate in the first one, but the focus is better in the second.  I'm having a lot of focusing trouble with my little Panasonic digital.  Painting is currently being shown at the Sautee-Nacoochee Galleries.

The writing at top is this quote:  
"Somewhere... somewhere in times' own space, there must be some sweet pasture space,
where creeks sing on and tall trees grow -some paradise where horses go.      - Stanley Harrison

Where Horses Go


julie cavender said...

Love that! Are those real horses or ones that live in your head?

Roy said...

Cool! Did you paint that on the headboard of a bed? I'm always amazed at the things you find to paint on!

Patrice said...

These are real horses that live in my head... ha ha ha....

And yes - it's an old headboard, now legs cut off and hanging hardware attached.