Monday, September 08, 2014

Ch- ch - ch - ch - changes... And an Altar that is a series within a series...

Recently I posted this 24 x 24 landscape that I had finished quickly for an event.  Bringing it home and living with it a bit, I found it lacked something.   A friend suggested horses, and at first I couldn't see them.  But like the figures in a Harry Potter photograph or painting, they entered the frame and moved across the surface until I found them lolling there.  There was a Dylan song with the line: All the tired horses in the sun, how'm I s'posed to get any riding done...   Yes, these could be Dylan's horses, basking in the sunny golden grasses.
Fields of Gold - 24 x 24 acrylic on deep cradle panel - now at Sautee Gallery for the Fall show.. 
I also softened the tree's foliage.  It looks complete to me now.  I do love those "empty" spaces in landscape, though.  I'll prolly be doing another version of this - sans equine - until I get it right, or the horses move in again.
Original version. 


Roy said...

Nice! I like how the placement of the horses adds a complementary path for the eye to follow with the line of the tree, both leading to the horizon. Good work!

julie cavender said...

I like it with horses(of course). I wonder what they are looking at?