Friday, July 20, 2012

It's like painting a large abstract...

Making art.  Painting furniture artistically.  The same principles apply.  Make the color pleasing to the eye.  Add textures and more color/s.  Work the whole surface until you and your client are satisfied.   Seal to protect.  Head home for a dip in the pool... (See below.)  And I sold a painting last week! 

The finished desk.
The finished file drawersYellow, gold and black over red.
Before - great functional piece - awful "pecan" finish.  Doors, hardware drawer fronts removed for sanding.

What?  You were expecting an in-ground kidney deal?  This is my rainwater filled cool down pool.  You'd be amazed how refreshing it is to just pour water over your head when the outside temp (and my body temp!) is over 95 degrees.   Sometimes the water heats up so much I have to add cold well water to get my cool down.             

Gracie in the dryer.  The metal was cool and the house was hot...  Doesn't she look pitiful?


Roy said...
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Roy said...

Nice work on the furniture treatment! And congratulatins on the sale.

Patrice said...

Thanks Roy - and some of those antiqued pieces from years ago have really held up well. If the person did a good job and the finish suited the piece, it's remarkable how "timeless" a new finish can be. I'm not sure how the extreme paint/distress look will fare over time, but change is good for the economy!

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

That desk looks like a monumental project but so cool. I'm with you. I don't need a whole fandangled get the ph just right, worry about kids drowning in it pool. I live near a lake (Canadian lakes are very refreshing on a hot day). But when I'm too lazy to drive there, the old tin washtub is big enough to sit in. I just have trouble getting out of it!